A not so small summary

It is impressive to observe the chaos in which this country has become from 2015 until now, how there is not a single week that we have…

A not so small summary

It is impressive to observe the chaos in which this country has become from 2015 until now, how there is not a single week that we have some peace, as each tragedy is converted into another excuse to demand the exit of the executive and the legislature without proposing coherent replacements, no one talk about this because those actors who want those powers are the ones who are behind all the destabilization, actors who receive the economic, logistical and propagandist support of a large and complex network of NGOs, foundations, national and international organizations accompanied by all kind of support from the media, all in one way or another linked to the stock market speculator, the billionaire George Soros.

The volcano tragedy and the demonstrations

On Saturday there was a demonstration by the same people who are always in all the demonstrations, Mynor Alonzo, Alejandro Pineda, “comedian” Roberto Rímola, Brenda Hernandez, Bernardo Silva, Alejandro Aguilar, Lenina Garcia, etc. the very same ones who appear praising the mercantilist, monopolist and coup-maker of Dionisio Gutierrez, I’m impress to see them complaining about privileges and oligopolies while they are subservient the king of the same matters in the country.

The protest was announced by each and every one of our media, anchors and “political analysts” subservient to Dionisio Gutierrez, the same people who appear today at their event on Monday, the famous “camperitos”, the former superintendent of the SAT, Juan Solórzano Foppa participated of this and of course, Thelma Aldana also invited to protest via her Facebook account:

And before someone tell me that this account is different or is false, they can verify if it was the same account that published this:

Are you not impressed by the coordination of these actors? It reminds me of the coordination that the Global ENODO report spoke to CICIG where they saw Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Michael Lee as a threat, and it is worth asking: Why did they ask for the resignation of the executive and the legislature? Is it really because of the alleged inefficiency of the state in the face of the volcano crisis? Because if that worries them, they would be doing something productive and not asking for resignations in the midst of both a crisis and a tragedy.

And why the outrage? Well, for misinformation more than any anything, as was evidenced and proven wrong by this interview:

And if you take the time to review every social network profile of each and every one of the accounts that report any anomaly, you will find that they have hundreds of publications and memes against the government from years ago. Could it be that they want to help the victims of the volcano? Or will they be instrumentalizing the tragedy to mobilize a political agenda?

Those who came from abroad to leave their help, recorded a video where they do NOT include the reasons they given to them. Do they know that you have to go through a bureaucratic process to be able to enter anything into the country? Do you know that there is human trafficking, drug and guns trafficking and that there are people who use these occasions to try to enter anything to the country? Do they know that they should go to CONRED? Do you know that CONRED means “National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction in Guatemala”? If they do not coordinate with them, they’ll could make that any contribution result in redundancy and other side receiving none of the help, or could cause the expiration of foods and medicine, and in case of going to dangerous areas, put themselves at risk.

Did you know this? Have the media been responsible for informing you of these situations? Or have you just been carried away by videos where they do not explain anything, where they do not give the other side a chance to clarify the situation and to top it off, with a background music theme like in the movies? Think, be honest with yourself.

The Constitutional Court and the pressure groups present

Last Saturday’s march, the Constitutional Court issued a totally illegal injunction which prohibited the state from creating any audiovisual documentation of the protest, while in other countries the authorities are asked to carry body cameras to document any potential abuse of either the police or the subjects of interest, here the state forbids it, the injunction was requested by a lawyer of Dionisio Gutierrez.


In this demonstration, rainbow flags representing LGBT groups were present as well as feminist groups, and for me, it is to admire both the cleverness of the leaders and the ingenuity of these groups not realizing that they are being used, their leaders do not care much about their problems, if they were concerned, they would be doing something about it, as with those affected by the volcano or the girls of Hogar Seguro, they never attended them, it was the tragedy that finally paid them attention because they served to leverage their agenda, What will it be that Dionisio Gutierrez, the man who owns a plane of more than $ 45 million dollars has never done anything for these groups? Well, in addition to using them.

CODECA and the Tuesday demonstration

The Peasant Development Committee, better known as CODECA, announced marches on Tuesday for alleged murders of its “human rights defenders,” and I apologize for my lack of sensitivity, but let whoever does not know them believe in them, This group of “peasants” it is very well financed by the international community, it already has the necessary mechanisms to get its message to the highest levels of power both within the state and in the private sector. Do they really need to make a demonstration to be heard? And really, I would like to believe that they are concerned about their “human rights defenders” but you have to remember that Brenda Hernández and Iduvina Hernández both appear as human rights defenders. Are they really? Or are they activists disguised as human rights defenders? This is something that no one in the media has decided to investigate and publish, how they use the position of human rights defenders to shield themselves and do all sorts of illegal activities without any consequence.

An announced death

One thing is a volcanic eruption accompanied by pyroclastic flows, something that never in my life had seen happen here in Guatemala, and another quite different thing is to warn of a possible tragedy by all means, and not get any response.

Today, Monday, June 11, Dr. Jesus Oliva, a person accused in the IGSS Pisa case, died in prison, his family expressed deep concern about the Oliva’s health condition, their family attended radio programs, TV programs, joined a group called “Voces Por Justicia”, “Voices for Justicie” in english, they created publications, videos and all sorts of content, they made a strong activism without the support of any NGO, foundation or member of the international community, and they were not heard by the authorities, even his wife, Mercedes de Oliva, commented on the Oliva’s Mental health state three weeks ago in this video, at minute 1:11:

CICIG’s concentrations camps

There is no other way to define it, preventive detention are CICIG’s concentration camps, an international entity that is categorically NO accountable to anyone and that doesn’t face any consequence to a perverse abuse, and I want to be extremely precise in something, yes, in Guatemala there is corruption at all levels, yes, the idea and concept of CICIG is positive, but in practice, it is disastrous, the institution has been subject to abuses by people like Iván Velásquez who, in addition to not reporting to anyone, he has shown himself proud and arrogant by not accepting that he was declared persona non grata, using his political influence and ideological empathy to mobilize third parties to defend him, specifically the alleged human rights attorney Augusto Jordán Rodas Andrade, who instead of protecting abuses suffered both by Dr. Jesus Oliva and Flavio Montenegro, went to defend the abuser, Iván Velásquez as well as the financier of those abuses, Anders Kompass, without neither of them having a single human right being violated.

Now what?

This is where you can ask; What can be done? Because all abuse must be reported to the Public Ministry, an organization that even with the new Attorney General, has too many people that only follow CICIG’s orders, people like Juan Francisco Sandoval of the FECI who does not follow any order from the Attorney General but only orders from the commissioner Iván Velásquez. Can you denounce these abuses of Iván Velásquez before the Public Ministry? off course not. And it is assumed that when the state commit any abuse, the Human Rights Office (PDH) should intercede. Can the abuses of Iván Velásquez be reported to the Human Rights Office (PDH)? Off course not. It would then be necessary to denounce them to the United Nations, where Antonio Guterrez is the general secretary, a person who was president of the the Socialist International (Internacional Socialista) and who shares an ideological vision with Iván Velásquez. Can these abuses of Iván Velásquez be reported to the UN? In fact they were already reported, and nothing was done. Where else can you report? Which NGO, Foundation or member of the international community ensures that these abuses do not occur?

And while CODECA, CUC, GAM, Helen Mack’s Myrna Mack Foundation, Dionisio Gutierrez’s Foundation “Freedom and Development”, UDEFEGUA, La Cuerda, InSight Crime, Nomad, El Faro, Plaza Pública, Soy502, etc. have a strong economic support from billionaires such as George Soros or Dionisio Gutierrez through a complex network of NGOs and foundations, with an exceptional lobby in the UN and in Washington, where in Guatemala the new concentration camps are being created to control political dissidents who oppose the judicial dictatorship.

Anyone who opposes this, is incriminated, even with false witnesses, and the only way to escape is to kneel, to accept charges and be submissive, meanwhile, Guatemala becomes a cocaine producing country, armed leftist groups swarm in the interior, sheltered by congressman such as Leocardio Juracán and congresswoman as Sandra Moran, while, in their noses Mayra Véliz provided identification documents to terrorists from the middle east, in the noses of Iván Velásquez this armed forces invade farms, they kill whoever they want without any consequence while preaching leftists slogans looking to create a struggle of within social and economic status and even between genders, idolizing Thelma Aldana auguring their electoral victory and promoting the idea of ​​constitutional reforms, we need to be blind in order to not see that we are on our way to become a narco-socialist state worse than a Venezuela, all this at 5 thousand kilometers away from the USA border, a country that, to a certain extent and due to their inaction, seems like it doesn’t care.

What should we do?