Where was Noam Chomsky?

Where was Noam Chomsky when in Guatemala progressive ideas destroyed thousands of jobs in mining? Where was Noam Chomsky when farm owners…

Where was Noam Chomsky?

Where was Noam Chomsky when in Guatemala progressive ideas destroyed thousands of jobs in mining? Where was Noam Chomsky when farm owners and their workers were killed by armed individuals who identify with his ideas? Where is Noam Chomsky when Guatemala’s economy crumble because of the implementation of a #LawFare state by leftist leaders? Where was Noam Chomsky when the ones who want to implement his ideas with a communist narco state pour toxic chemicals on the rivers of Latin America? Where will be Noam Chomsky when the middle class colapses because dump people follow his ideas?

Yes, Noam Chomsky is right about climate change and the dangers of nuclear war, but we are people, hard working people, we are not plants that live from the sun and rain, we need jobs, we need a work in order to survive, and his political views are not helping us at all, look at Venezuela, Is that the kind of country Noam Chomsky want us to be? Where was Noam Chomsky when thousands of people were killed by Maduro? People is starving to death, And his concern is the Trump administration? Are you kidding me? Obama’s Administration made of Guatemala a little playground to test their ideas, ideas like the CICIG. We got the “#NoTengoPresitente” and one year later the US got “#NotMyPresident”, we got several manipulated demonstrations organized by feminist leaders, the inauguration day in the US got the same demonstrations also organized by third wave feminists, and the one who was behind all of this, sponsoring all this chaos was no other than George Soros.

I used to believe in Noam Chomsky, I used to believe in his ideas, but now, understanding how some people want to create chaos and a climate of ungovernability, it is clear to me that Noam Chomsky is no more than a buffoon, a minion of the left, some one who has no sympathy for the hard working people who need a work to live and to bring food to the table, yes we are concerned about climate change, yes we are concerned about nuclear weapons, but before all of that, we are concerned about surviving, on getting a way of living, about not being killed on the streets because a theft want to get our hard earned money, about not being jailed for expressing our ideas, yes, people are being jailed in Guatemala by leftist who agree with Noam Chomsky in the name of a fake war against corruption, we are more concerned on how to sustain our crumbling economy, and I really want to know, How does Noam Chomsky earn his living? Because the the great majority of the people of Guatemala can’t even think about writing a book or studying if they can’t hardly overcome the challenges of an adequate standard of living.

Does Noam Chomsky know how much money earn some farmer in Guatemala? Does Noam Chomsky know the wages our most qualified workers have? A professional software developer doesn’t earn more than $1,000 per month, and a senior developer doesn’t get more than $2,000 per month, and I’m talking about the very lucky ones, and with that money they have to pay food, rent, a car, electricity, water, internet, a cell phone plan and to support a family, and I’m not talking about any retirement plan or health insurance, that is out of the scope, so please Noam Chomsky, try to tell the hard working Guatemalan people that they should care about global warming and nuclear weapons when they have nothing left because of leftist ideas, please, try to convince us that it is capitalism that is making us poorer and not the hundreds of left leaning NGOs that are always creating conflict and division in our country, frightening any investor who want to create a business in Guatemala, creating a law-fare state.

And after all, Where was Noam Chomsky when people who share his ideas killed thousands of hard working people in Venezuela and Nicaragua just because they disagree? Think about it.