Again, paragraph by paragraph:

-“Rodrigo — You’ve told us your sources for research are not Bill Nye, can you tell us what they are, then?”

Again, paragraph by paragraph:

-“Rodrigo — You’ve told us your sources for research are not Bill Nye, can you tell us what they are, then?”

No problem, here it is:

-“News sources in North America and other parts of the world tells us the conflict is often over the evictions of Indigenous farmers from their lands, the Xinka or Q’echi’ Mayan to protect the interests of Canadian and US mining companies or faming for other exported crops. Are these the Soros-funded activists you’re talking about?”

Yes and no, let me elaborate on that. I’m from Guatemala, I live here and you can come here anytime to confirm my existence, here is a form to avoid publishing personal information:

I use to believe in the narratives pushed by local activists, until they pushed some ideas that were beyond logic, that is when I started questioning them, and instead of debating, I got harassed and bullied, I as a tech developer, did a research on this well coordinated attacks to me and my family, and I discovered a networks of anonymous trolls, I published my findings and thanks to a inside whistleblower I get to know that they were a political party, most of them worked on the public health ministry under Lucrecia Hernandes Mack, nice of Helen Mack, which was founder and partner of the Soros Foundation in Guatemala, partnered with Dina Fernandez which is also founder of a news outlet called, you can verify this with a tax transparency portal from the government:

All this trolls use to share news from sources like Nomada, Plaza Publica, El Faro, InSight Crime and other left leaning news outlets, all which openly states are founded in part by the Open Society Foundations of George Soros, I made an article in Spanish addressing that:

Then I was lucky enough to find two interesting publications: The 2016 Central America Philanthropy Guide and The 2017 Central America Philanthropy Guide, and it was quite interesting seeing how all far left groups in Guatemala were founded by the Open Society Foundations and other NGOs close to George Soros, I made an article about that in Spanish:

Because I live here, because I have access to very old news papers here, I know for a fact that almost all actors in this NGOs use to be guerrilla fighters, the ones that committed several terrorists acts against innocent civilians during the internal armed conflict, now they represent allegedly “human rights” and “environmentalists” NGOs. One great example of this is the case of Jennifer Harbury, the “journalist” and “civil rights attorney” who provided the audio of an alleged migrant child crying to ProPublica, ProPublica is founded in part by the Open Society Foundation, and Jennifer Harbury sued the Guatemalan state demanding reparations alleging that she was married to the guerrilla fighter Efraín Bámaca Velásquez, this information is even in Wikipedia and each pice of information here is linked to its sources.

Jennifer Harbury with a portrait of Efraín Bámaca Velásquez on a demonstration in front of the National Palace in Guatemala City.
Guerilla fighter Efraín Bámaca Velásquez, author of several terrorists attacks on innocent civilians.

As you can see, news sources in North America are compromised and serve narratives that are compromised by the donors of this outlets, another great example is the case of Luis Arturo Assardo, who was cited by The New York times as a source to defend Soros on the allegations of founding the migrant caravans: —

Assardo claims to be a journalists because he worked for RepublicaGT, a center-right news outlet in Guatemala:

He use to brag bout his connections to Twitter and told several people that anyone who wanted a verified badge from Twitter, he could arrange that, he published a Tweet showing that Lucrecia Hernández Mack was verified:

Deleted tweet:

Luis Arturo Assardo claim to be a firefighter, a fire expert, a journalist and a social media guru, his profile on the transparency tax portal Guatecompras show us that his company is called “A.C.P. Asesoria y Capacitacion”, the main role of this company is marketing, social media and web page development, one of his clients showed in the website of his company is Semilla, the political party of Lucrecia Hernández Mack: —

Assardo received a total of Q53,487.14 (about $10,772.53) from the Public Ministry (the body in charge of criminal investigations in Guatemala) from 2011 to 2019 for his services, which vary from courses to fire investigations, one of the most interesting cases he investigated was the fire in Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asunción orphanage, where 40 girls lost their lives, coincidently this fire took place on March 8, 2017, on the International Women’s Day, a day that was chosen because of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. This fire open a controversial case, the MP020–2017–881 which Assardo investigated:

This fire and the dead of this girls was used as a political lever against the current government by all far-left groups, Brenda Lissette Hernández Bátres who works for UDEFEGUA (Another OSF Soros founded NGO) and is the leader of “La Batucada”, a clash group of demonstrators who lead the violence on each demonstrations here, even got a tattoo to “show her support to the cause”, and of course, she currently has the face of Greta as her avatar:

I have published a lot of information on how the media is biased towards a far-left narrative and how they use far-left trolls on social media, and from February to May 2018 a local news organization called Guatevision (part of Univision) published a four part story or “investigation” telling that several accounts on Twitter, mine included, were part of a “net center” or “bot network”, which of course, is a blatant lie, one of the “experts” and “sources” for this “report” was of course, Luis Arturo Assardo, with two other interesting figures, Guatemalan Renso Lautaro Rosal, who was part of the Soros Foundation in Guatemala, and Omar Rincón, a far-left Colombian who was also cited as a source by a paper from the Open Society Foundations, here is the video with the sources in the description of the video:

So, when you say “news sources in North America” I can only tell you that your sources are quite compromised, they are NOT telling the facts, which are the foundation of any claim, I’m sharing facts.

The so called conflict between indigenous farmers, another lie, you either own land or you don’t, most of the conflict of this “indigenous famers” are in fact another strategy of the Soros agenda, for instance the recent case of Mina San Rafael, which was a mining project owned by Tahoe Resources, they did all the necessary paper work and diligencies to operate in Guatemala, suddenly, some “indigenous groups” that didn’t belong to the area, claimed that they were affected by the mining complex, lawyer Rafael Maldonado from CALAS NGO sued the company and the operations stopped, leaving thousands of workers out of work, Maldonado is a well known far-left activist with close ties to former guerrilla fighters, Tahoe Resources stock got down, and after almost getting bankrupt it was acquired by Pan American Silver for 1.1 billion, pennies compared to its original price, and guess who invested on Pan American Silver before… non other than George Soros.

And to add more cringe worthy material to the case, now that Pan-American Silver Corp owns the mining project, suddenly the same far-left news outlets that decry the mining project as damaging, change the narrative telling that with the the new administration, there is a positive attitude towards a referendum on the mining, how convenient, here is Nomada, sponsored in part by the Soros OSF:

And if you dig deeper, you’ll find very interesting facts, the people that call themselves “human rights defenders” and “land defenders” are always tied to the Open Society Foundations, the land they allege they protect is the northern strip of the country, known to be used as a corridor for drug trafficking, because of the murder of three soldiers on the area on September 3 of this year, there was declared a “estado de sitio” (something like a state of emergency), the army is searching for the responsables of this murders and found several drug plantations and drug laboratories, now you know what they are really trying to protect, you can come here and do your own research. This “indigenous” people are in fact part of the drug cartels that operate in many countries, from The Zetas to The Soles Cartel, the ones that support many far-left governments in Latin America, they invade farmers land alleging being poor and not having a land of their own, that is their narrative, but they are well armed and operate like the former guerrilla, here is video of the officers that survived the recent attack and the evictions attempts made by our authorities that because of the “human rights” groups and NGOs, do their work without guns, go figure:

The most outspoken defenders of this area of the country are the Ixchíu family, also linked to Helen Mack, the father, Pedro Ixchíu is the lawyer who created the initiative against discrimination of indigenous people, the law he created sanctions anyone who uses any subjective form of language that they considered racist, without exact rules, Pedro Ixchíu was invited several times to talk to events organized by the richest man in the country, Dionisio Gutierrez. Pedro is married to Aury Hernández who works closely with the European Union on several local projects, her daughter, Andrea Ixchíu use to work for the Norwegian Embassy, is a columnist and journalist for Nomada and Plaza Publica that promotes third wave feminism and allegedly fight for the rights of indigenous people, she is the founder of another far-left news outlet, Prensa Comunitaria her sister, Lucía Ixchíu is the founder of “Festivales Solidarios”, another clash demonstration group, also journalists and columnist for Nomada, she was shown on a New York Times article as “the face of the new politics in Guatemala”, a hilarious thing is that Andrea use to promote me on Twitter when I published some findings online, because of my skills on researching things, now she hates me for exposing the facts, here is an article in Spanish I wrote about them, with tons of sources:

Do they look like poor indigenous people fighting for their rights or they look like a far-let guerrilla group? And going deeper, Did you know that far-left groups are intertwine with The Zetas, and they are helping Hezbollah to enter to the US? Even John McAfee reported this while on Belize, which is close to the area the Ixchíu family claim is protecting, the trial of the Bitkov family in Guatemala showed that our government was compromised by several actors which provided express citizenship to terrorists, all in the nose of the UN commission CICIC and the then Attorney General Thelma Aldana, the one who then became presidential candidate for Semilla, the party that Assardo show as a client in his web page. One of the subjects of interest in this investigation was Mayra Veliz, right hand of Thelma Aldana, who worked on the immigration office in charge of creating this identifications, the case isn’t being investigated and Aldana is fugitive currently in the US. Did you knew that? Did your local news told you about this? here is the story told by the Bitkov family:

I do not care about narratives, I care about facts, and I share this facts online all the time, because of this, my Twitter account was suspended without violating any of their rules, I have tried to know which rule they claim I violated without success, but far-left trolls, they can do whatever they want, name calling, racists, male chauvinist jokes, doxxing, anything is at heir disposal without any consequence, even threats of death which I receive by the dozens. I use to be just a developer, and leaving modesty apart, a good one, I used to be invited by local news outlets to talk about tech related stuff all the time, but because of this constant harassment to my and my family, I became an independent community journalist, I have reported many of the facts shared here with you today, you can google me, you can verify everything posted here, you can come here and enter my office, review my banks statements, I have nothing to hide, and I ask you to do your own research, to stop believing in narratives and start finding the truth base on facts, there is nothing more powerful that an independent thinker, and that is what all the puppeteers fear the most, far-left and far-right puppeteers, ideology is only a speech designed to manipulate the mases, find the facts.