Hi Nick, nice to meet you, I’ll reply in the same fashion I always do, one paragraph after the…

-“I love your country and have visited and studied there numerous times over the past 25 years.”

Hi Nick, nice to meet you, I’ll reply in the same fashion I always do, one paragraph after the other with a response:

-“I love your country and have visited and studied there numerous times over the past 25 years.”

I’m glad you like Guatemala, it is indeed a beautiful country, with tons of problems hahahaha, I hope that in those years here you could interact with people outside the left-leaning actors which always present a distorted view of this place.

-“My view has been that poverty you speak of in Guatemala has little to do with NGO’s or environmental programs. It has a lot to do with oppression of the indigenous community, right wing dictators who have pilfered and plundered the resources for their own wealth, and the vast inequities of a small, powerful elite.”

I have hear that discurse before, hundreds of times, but I live here, I have grown here, and I cannot see the oppression people talk about, the government doesn’t forbid anyone to do whatever they want with their lives, we don’t live in a dictatorship anymore, and some of the so called dictators were the ones that build our most valuable infrastructure in the past, in fact, most of our democratic era doesn’t have great advances in infrastructure. The only thing that I know and can prove is the existence of a small elite who owns most of the land, but it isn’t quite different in all of the Americas, including the US. Where did you saw this “oppression”, and remember, we are talking about the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner.

-“Would you prefer the young boys you speak of work in mines for minimal wages while the mine owner rakes in the profits by raping the landscape?”

Well, we have those mines with or without the help of those “environmentalist” NGOs, the main difference is who is the owner, Mina San Rafael was closed for more than a year because an NGO lawyer and other NGOs founded by none other than George Soros via his Open Society Foundations, promoted the idea that it was harmful, then, when the mine was less valuable, Panamerican Silver acquired Taho Resources, which owned Mina San Rafael, and guess who have invested in Panamerican Silver before… George Soros. Now, even Nomada, a news blog founded in part by Soros, is talking wonders about the new administration of the mine, when they use to take part in a smear campaign against it, go figure. And the mining, keeps on going.

-“Also, read a bit about Greta and you will see how much of an impact she has made it 16. Obviously the average 16 year old would not be invited to talk to the UN, but she is not an average 16 year old and has accomplished an amazing amount in her few years.”

Have you heard of Felix Finkbeiner? He started panting trees at 12 years old, achieving one million trees planted three years later, he is 22 now and leads an organisation with 130 employees internationally and 70,000 members in 67 countries. But that doesn’t get people to be willing to get more taxes, to five more government money to companies, or to give more power to the powerful, so that is why we get Greta, someone who was selected because anyone who dares to criticize her speech, surely is a bad person because she is only a child, with some mental problems.

-“I hope you will be inspired to work for justice in your country.”

I’m inspired to do so, because I have exposed how the left is lying about the reality of our country, how Soros and the ALBA are working together to destroy or democracy, to take all of our institutions. Because I exposed all this lies, I have been censored from Twitter, without infringing any of their rules. I’m quite inspired to point out how this social network is part of the problem, promoting only one political party in their “Highlighted Tweets”, I have provided always hard evidence for that:

-“I admire your country woman Rigoberta Menchu, who for readers who don’t know her won the Nobel Peace prize and was a UN ambassador for indigenous peoples.”

I feel bad because I have to tell you the truth, Rigoberta Menchú is a fraud, most Guatemalans know that for a fact, and thankfully some serious people have done their research to find out the truth:


Her father initiated a fire that took the life of many people, in Spain’s Embassy in Guatemala, she is currently suing the state demanding millions for her alleged loses. She was part of the guerrilla movement, a guerrilla that took the life of many innocent people on terrorist attacks, but that is the story no one is talking about.

There are tons of misinformation about our country, it goes daily, and just a few times “journalists” do the right thing, tell the truth, correcting the false information. Pamela Yates produced a documental of the internal armed conflict a long time ago, and after many year, some people got in touch with her to tell her she was wrong on many of her claims, she corrected one. I published her correction and “weirdly” it got banned to be played in the US hahahaha I have a copy on my website:


Here is the article where I challenge The Economist on their claims:

So, I understand where you came from, everyone want to believe in the good intentions, but sadly, there are just a few who are truly doing something for the greater good, most activists are just mercenaries.

I think that Will Franken got the best about Greta:

And about climate change, did you know that the world is heating up double the rest of the world, check this article about all the news articles telling that some place is getting warmer than the rest, it is hilarious: