Piñata en el congreso

4 abril, 2020 rodrigopolo 0

Vínculos: Departamento de Justicia de EEUU: Harvard University Professor and Two Chinese Nationals Charged in Three Separate China Related Cases Andrew Lelling says arrests will […]

The Twitter Rules

2 abril, 2020 rodrigopolo 2

English (Español): Hi, my name is Rodrigo Polo, I’m a software engineer, and an independent journalist. Due to my background in technology many of my […]

Programa 12 de Marzo

13 marzo, 2020 rodrigopolo 0

Vídeo en vivo: Versión Facebook: Vínculos: Jair Bolsonaro está bajo control médico Tom Hanks Got Sick in Australia, Where Coronavirus Testing Isn’t Such a Hassle […]