Is the US governed by big pharma?

Here in Central America, many saw with good eyes what Ron DeSantis, the popular republican governor of Florida did, eliminating vaccine mandates in his state, which protects patient privacy and promotes the individual liberty of choosing whatever the individual want to do with their health decisions, what DeSantis did for the many people competing on the Special Olympics is quite praiseworthy, sadly, all of this actions do not apply for foreign travelers.

DeSantis is not alone in this endeavor, New Hampshire’s governor Chris Sununu, wrote a letter asking president to remove COVID-19 vaccine mandate for international travelers, without any change on the government policy, which by the way, it seems doesn’t fallow science at all, but business as usual.

Why is the US behind other countries? just today, prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, dropped mask and vaccine mandates once and for all:


And New Zealand doesn’t require any vaccination at all:


In the mean time, trying to travel to any country that requires a connection to the US makes the experimental vaccines mandatory, and any foreign traveler that want to have some days off visiting the US, do business and expend money there, have to get the experimental vaccines…

Trying to travel to the US

If a Guatemalan want to travel to the US using one of the most affordable airline, the airline makes vaccine mandatory to travelers through their requirements:


The requirements from the airline follow the CDC’s “International Travel to and from the United States” guide which imposes a vaccine mandate but only of a few vaccines, stating that there are “limited exceptions”:


Now, the CDC only accepts vaccines produced by the US, ignoring the thousands of thousands of Guatemalans who were inoculated with other brands. Is this a medical decision based on science? Or a political and economical decision? Because most Guatemalans didn’t have any choice of brand, they were inoculated with what was available.


Let’s see which are the CDC’s “limited exceptions”:


As you can see, anyone who disagrees with “the science” and choose not to be part of a global experiment has to comply with the mandatory and compulsive vaccination program, it is quite interesting that the CDC considered international bureaucrats, and if you can apply for any of those exceptions, you’ll have to be tested every 5 days and self-quarantine for a full 5 days, even though since June 12, the CDC rescinded its Order requiring all airline or other aircraft passengers to show a negative COVID-19 test result or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 to board any aircraft destined to the United States from a foreign country.


A restriction only for air traveling

If you read all CDC’s guidelines, you’ll see that mandatory vaccination only applies to air traveling, you can go to the southern US border and enter the US without any vaccine at all, you can enter any sea port without any vaccination, which makes you wonder… Is this science? Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked both White House press secretaries, Jen Psaki and Karine Jean-Pierre what many law abiding Latin Americans are asking, why only air travelers are required these experimental vaccinations?


Vaccines that do not work, but do harm

I have covered the thousands of “sudden deaths” after experimental inoculations here in Guatemala, always “rare cases” that aren’t rare at all, and always having something to do with the cardiovascular system, from the hundreds of doctors who died after the “vaccine” to thousands of cases, all within the same time, most of them, by the same batch, so I’ll not go deep into this topic but include some articles about it.

Why many Guatemalans are vaccine hesitant?

Well, here in Guatemala we were part of the Tuskegee Experiment, where the US government with the aid of left-wing Juan José Arévalo’s administration, did several human experiments infecting hundreds of Guatemalans with syphilis, and we remember, that is why there was a suit against the corporations, NGOs and institutions behind these experiments, the very same that are behind the compulsive mandatory vaccinations here in Guatemala aided by USAID and Giammattei’s administration:


This case is very well documented by the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization, here is the document in Spanish, and just in case, here is the copy. Now you understand why so many Guatemalans are vaccine hesitant.

The illegal migration problem, and the mistreatment of law abiding Latin Americans

I bet you have heard that many Latin Americans migrate to the US because of poverty, food insecurity, natural disasters, violence, political affairs, lack of opportunities, etc. And no “fact-checker” ever verify these claims as “mostly false”, because most of them are made-up by NGOs which are founded by none other than George Soros.

Yes, Guatemala and most Latin America countries have some level of crime related violence, but nothing compared to gang related violence like in Los Angeles California, or Antifa destruction in Portland, Maine, in fact, most gangs in Latin America are the product of illegal migrants getting back to their countries, nevertheless, this is NOT, by any means, the primary reason for illegal migration to the US.

Yes, Guatemala and most Latin America countries have some level of poverty, but many basic consumer goods are quite cheep here, and because we live in a tropical country, where a grain of corn or bean can grow on the rode side, basic food access is not a problem at all, good nutrition is the main problem, and not a huge problem considering that the common Guatemalan is always open to help each other, not letting people die from starvation.

And yes, we have our good share of natural disasters, from hurricanes to earthquakes and landslides trough a cycle of about 5 years, but it is NOT all the country at once, just some small areas, nothing compared to what Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans, so this is another issue that is overly amplified to justify illegal migration.

So why are some Latin Americans flooding the US southern border?

There are two types of illegal migrants, the ones that pay a coyote to bring them into the US, and the infamous caravans. Coyotes ask for a payment in advance that goes between $2,000 to $8,000 USD, which is way above the yearly minimum wage working either as a professional, or picking goods in the field, the minimum farmworker monthly wage is about $370 USD, for a sweatshop worker is $350 and the minimum for professionals is $380 USD, barely covering the minimum standard of living, makes you wonder, Why expend so much money and saving to enter illegally into the US?

Well, first you have to consider that most of the people entering illegally into the US are NOT the poorest people in our country, but people who want to get a better income, they already have enough money to pay an expensive coyote, and want to have a better income, also notice that here in Guatemala, we are bombarded with the good standards of living in the US by the media and social media, everyone wants to ride the so called “American Dream”.

Consider that many policies made by the US government under the advice of think tanks and NGOs like The Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) and RAND Corporation, encourage emigration from third world countries in order to keep them poor and exploit their resources, just like the RAND Corp. proposal dealing with Russia:


Also notice that most goods and products not manufactured in our undeveloped agricultural country are quite expensive, any Apple product gets around 1.3 to 2 times more expensive compared to the price asked in the US, even products and goods from China that for some reason have to go trough the US first; between shipping costs, customs fees, foreign and local taxes, everything gets way too expensive compared to the price in the US. There are also restrictions from manufacturers, for instance, Apple doesn’t allow any purchase from a debit or credit card from Guatemala and even if the payment is accepted, doesn’t allow deliveries to a P.O. Box, prioritizing their local distributions partners in Guatemala, most of them do not have a good stock of the latest and greatest, so we always are far behind in everything, from computer technology, cars, home appliances, to industrial machines.

Also consider that illegal migrants do not pay taxes for the first months or years, the income you can get in the US with the minimum standard of living is way better that what you can earn here, and sending that money to your relatives to get a better standard of living is way better than working here, but not because poverty, it is a way to get a better life overall.

Now, imagine not having to pay what the typical coyote asks for entering to the us by going into a caravan, well, that is the second type of illegal migrants, and because some left-wing NGOs are promoting illegal migration to the US in our rural communities, and because their “caravans” announcements are promoted trough social media and get boosted trough most of the local media, there are plenty people wanting to join these caravans. Anyone with the skills and time could find that most of these NGOs and media is founded by the Open Society Foundations.

Now in comparison, imagine working hard for years in order to plan a vacation trip to Disney with your family, with the average income we are talking literally years of savings, at least a decade; having to pay around $50 USD for a passport and $160 USD to get a US B1/B2 visa for each of your relatives and wait years for the interview “because covid”, then praying to the gods that the embassy interviewer is in a good mood and approves your visa, since most people get rejected, then paying an airplane ticket that now goes around $400 USD for each one and around $80 for a covid test each one, that is $690 just for one, around $2,760 for a family of four, only considering the paperwork and airplane expenses, and you can’t board a plane because you decided not to be part of a huge experiment from the very same people who did a human experiment in your country, meanwhile any illegal migrant can enter the US without all the paperwork, without the humiliating experience in an interview, without a covid test, without any vaccine requirement, without having to get tested every 3 to 5 days… How in the world is this justified?

Why is the US requesting air travelers to be part of an experiment which hundreds of health experts are now finally exposing as a huge mistake? Why is the US requesting mandatory experimental vaccinations while most first world countries are finally dropping this mandates and requirements? Why the US requires vaccination only from their own brands?

Why is the US punishing law abiding Latin Americans who did all the necessary paperwork, that payed all the requested fees, that filled all the forms and obeyed the lay, people that want to expend their time and well earned money in the US and NOT to get advantage of the system, Why the US mistreat this law abiding Latin Americans while reward illegal migrants with no requirements at all?

The only conclusion anyone can get is that the US is run and governed by big pharma.

How many business and income opportunities will the people of the United States continuously allow to lose, while the world returns to normal? Apparently, something that only money can determine, in the meantime, illegal migrants are rewarded.